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"I am having tummy cramps, what could it be?"


I have strange mild pain cramps whist having the feeling of going over a low bridge in a fast car they don't last for more than a min at a time but come and go all day and night I have had the pain for one week and doesn't get better I been toilet one and two normally and had my period as normal last month I also have had my appendix out and I have had one ovary and one Fallopian tube removed aswell so I am worried that my other ones are in danger of being lost


Sorry to hear about your problems, and I hope that you feel better soon. I recommend that you discuss your question with your doctor. With any set of symptoms, it is important to understand them clearly and then determine what particular organ or body part may be contributing.

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The abdomen tends to be affected by a number of different organ systems, and so it can be difficult to clearly identify a problem without more information. For example, we all know that abdominal cramps can be associated with a range of problems that vary from food poisoning to menstrual cramps. There are many different potential explanations. The sensation of feeling that you are going over a bridge in a car could be the description that some people use to describe heart palpitations. The fact that you have had a number of surgeries in the past suggests that there could be something else involved, as well. One cause of abdominal complaints can be a partial bowel obstruction, which can happen due to scarring and adhesions that can sometimes follow abdominal surgery. As there is such a wide range of possibilities, it is important that you discuss your symptoms with your doctor. Please speak with your doctor, and hope you feel better.

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