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"Will my baby's digestive system return to normal?"

ZocdocAnswersWill my baby's digestive system return to normal?


He has had juice too soon. 6 month old and now having trouble drinking his milk


Although it is recommended by most international pediatrics associations that babies receive nothing but breast milk or milk formula until they are six months of age, it is common practice in several countries for babies to receive juices or other liquids and some baby foods prior to this age. This is generally not harmful in developed countries, because the risk that these foods are liquids will be contaminated with something that could make the baby sick are low. Still, please speak with your pediatrician. Therefore, it is very unlikely that your have harmed your baby's digestive system by giving them some juice prior to six months of age. If your baby is now having trouble digesting his regular milk formula, I think that is something you would want to talk with your regular pediatrician about. Again, I don't this would be an indication that the juice itself did any harm, but it might indicate that your baby has a stomach bug or or other illness or even that they could have developed an intolerance or allergy to some component of the milk formula. Your pediatrician will be able to examine your child and go through the symptoms with you and help determine if there is something going on that needs to be addressed.

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