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"Can my lateral tilted hips be corrected at the age of 20?"

ZocdocAnswersCan my lateral tilted hips be corrected at the age of 20?


hello, i have lateral tilted hips (the right hip is higher than the left) my doc said i have a form of scoliosis and prescribed a scoliosis brace, i was 17 at the time and he told me that i should wear it as much as i can before i reach the age of 18 because then my spine will be too hard to straighten up, regrettably i didnt listen to him and i only wore the brace about 4/5 hours a day, now i'm 20 and ive been wearing the brace ALL the time, even in bed as to even my tilted hips because i really dont like the way they look ): plus if i walk too long my lower back strts to hurt and i think its because of my lateral tilted hips. my question is: should i continue wearing my brace as i am at the moment or is it too late and i have to live with my uneven hips? please can you tell me if there is anything i can do to help correct them??? thankyou so much (:


I'm sorry to hear about this issue. I would recommend talking with an orthopedic doctor. Scoliosis, as you probably know, is a condition in which the spine is abnormally curved, leading to problems with alignment of the spine, back muscles, and hips. Bracing is one form of treatment that is used to slow down the curvature of the spine. However this method really only works in people who still have growing skeletons. Since you are 20 years old, your skeleton has likely stopped growing now for a few years, and the brace is very unlikely to do you much good. In fact, in most younger and middle aged adults with scoliosis, a brace may make the problem worse because it can lead to weakness in the muscles of the back. In adults with scoliosis, treatment is usually directed at physical therapy and other exercise to strengthen the back muscles and improvement mobility. Unfortunately, these treatment will not result in change the curve of the spine or bringing the hips back to the same level. Surgery is very rarely performed in adults with scoliosis unless the problem is very severe. Again, I would recommend talking with an orthopedic doctor who can confirm the diagnosis for you and give you recommendations for any future therapy.

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