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"I previously had a staph infection and I want to get a nose piercing. Is there a problem? "

ZocdocAnswersI previously had a staph infection and I want to get a nose piercing. Is there a problem?


I got a staph infection on my neck in Africa about 2 months ago and I have been taking bactruim and it has gone away. I've wanted to get a small stud on my nose for so long and I have a trip in 2 weeks and I would really love to have it by then. My bactruim dose ends in 4 days and I wanted to get my nose peircing this weekend. If I clean it very well multiple times a day do you think it will get infected with staph? I know that your nose is one of the most places prone to staph. But I would really really love to get it before my trip! any advice? Thank you!


Thanks for the question. At the end of the day, decisions about what to do with your body are yours to make. However, I recommend speaking with your doctor about your concern. There are some general points that can be made, however, and recommendations that you may then choose to follow. In general, any piercing or other procedure is generally not completed in the same setting as an active infection. As you suggest, the nose is one of the places that is commonly affected or inhabited by many bacteria, including staph, Because of that, many patients undergo prolonged treatment with nasal antibiotic creams to help them clear the infections that they may have. While there is not much specific information in the medical literature to help guide your decision, most doctors tend to be somewhat cautious. The potential risks of piercing the protective barrier of the skin in the middle of an area that is affected by a resistant bacteria would seem to outweigh the benefits of having the piercing done immediately for most people. Most doctors would likely recommend waiting until at least completing your course of antibiotics, and perhaps would recommend re-testing to see if you have cleared your previous infection. Please speak with your doctor about this question.

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