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"Is caffeine bad for someone with type2 diabetes?"

ZocdocAnswersIs caffeine bad for someone with type2 diabetes?


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Caffeine carries the same risks and side effects for people with type II diabetes as they do for people without type II diabetes. Caffeine is a fairly benign drug, but it does have its side effects and problems. The most significant problem that caffeine causes is an elevation of blood pressure. Since an elevation of blood pressure is common in folks that have type II diabetes, this would be an instance when caffeine should potentially be avoided in these patients. In addition, caffeine can also be the cause of certain types of headaches. Patients with type II diabetes are not necessarily more prone to headaches, but this is just another thing that caffeine can do. If you have type II diabetes, but it is very important for you to have an open discussion with your doctor about what you should do to improve your health if possible. Therefore I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician soon. The two of you should discuss certain important factors that gauge the level of control of your diabetes such as your blood pressure, cholesterol level, and your hemoglobin A-1 C levels which are all important in your overall health. This is especially true for your cardiovascular health. Please speak with your primary care physician.

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