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I have swelling on my face and majorly on area on side of the eyes - and it goes puffy as we go down the face. What it could be?

hi i have swelling on my face and majorly on area on side of the eyes and goes puffy as we go down the face please suggest medication taken - doctor suggested creatinin , blood test and all were fine. PSA test also fine. No other problem except stool not coming properly everyday but stomach also doesnt seem upset
Thanks for your question, and I am glad to hear that you have been speaking with a doctors">doctor. Different doctors are more or less likely to recommend certain tests based on their training and what they are used to. Things that affect your entire body are quite commonly able to be identified through tests of blood levels and other things that can measure the systemic effects of medications. In your specific case, the fact that you pinpoint only one part of the body as being puffy or swollen suggests that your problem could be something that is affecting your entire body, or it could be something that is localized to your head and neck. If these early tests have been negative, then there may be some value in looking into other possible causes such as anatomic changes that could cause these symptoms. Some causes of diffuse swelling include heart, kidney, and liver problems that are readily tested with blood tests. Some anatomic causes of swelling include obstructions of blood vessels, tumors, and infections, all of which are sometimes better tested with imaging studies. Your doctor will likely have suggestions for what to do next, so please continue to speak with your doctor.
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