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"My breast/arm pit muscle feels tense, what is wrong?"

ZocdocAnswersMy breast/arm pit muscle feels tense, what is wrong?


My Left breast and armpit are always tense and stringy. I also have left arm pain, my veins hurt in left arm and wrist, my middle spine bone hurts and feels hot, my face tingles and goes numb sometimes and my stomach in left side feels stopped up and tight sometimes too. I am tired of these symptoms and want to know what is wrong. I am on birth control but I switched to a low dose and things have not changed. I don't think that us what is impacting these issues so what else could it be?


Sorry to hear about this problem. It is hard for me to completely understand what you are describing, but it seems that you are having a sensation of your arm muscles and your chest muscles just not quite feeling normal. So I recommend that you discuss this concern with your doctor. There is some associated pain, but mostly it is just the abnormal and asymmetric sensation of your two arms not feeling quite right. I will try to answer that sort of question, and you can please clarify as needed with your primary doctor, who needs to know about this anyway. Asymmetric sensations in your body can come from many different things. With regards to musculoskeletal problems, it is important to know if this is an asymmetry that comes from something that you are doing (ie, do you sit in such a way that makes it difficult for your back to keep you balanced, and so you are faced with soreness and imbalanced posture for the rest of the day?) or if it comes from something anatomically/structurally different between the two sides (ie, trauma, a growth, some other injury, etc). Speaking with your doctor will be an important way to help you get to the bottom of this. Please speak with your doctor.

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