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"I am pregnant, will I have complications?"

ZocdocAnswersI am pregnant, will I have complications?


 I got pregnant with a Paraguard Iud, I was 6 weeks pregnant and the removal process went well. That was a week ago and I didn't have a miscarriage so now I'm wondering what my chances are that I will have a conplicated pregnancy or if I still have a high chance of miscarriage. Please help! 


Thank you for this question. I recommend that you discuss it with your doctor. While the risk of pregnancy is very low with an intrauterine device (or IUD), it is not zero. This means that some women will become pregnant while using an IUD. This is true for both hormonal IUDs and also those that are copper, such as the Paragard. It is recommended that the IUD be removed if the string is visible, with the understanding that the pregnancy could be lost due to or during the removal. If the pregnancy remains viable, then the good news is that there is little available evidence indicating that there will be any problems with the pregnancy. In other words, while there are obviously few studies that have examined this question, it is fair to say that there is little that suggests that your child would have birth defects due to the fact that the Paragard was in place. With all of this, the most important thing is to be in close communication with your doctor to make sure that you and your child remain in good health. Your doctor will have plans for ultrasounds and other testing that may be able to provide valuable information. Please speak with your doctor.

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