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"I have a wound under my uncircumcised tight penis foreskin. How can I correct this?"

ZocdocAnswersI have a wound under my uncircumcised tight penis foreskin. How can I correct this?


Actually i circumcised my penis my repeatedly doing the masturbation, and when when i took the skin back the glans what i saw was a wound on the lower part of glans,where it curves sharply, when i urinate the urine get in contact with that wound at it hurts. Not doing that action for over a month, which led to the wound, when my penis becomes erect and after sometime when i urinate my glans underparts as before. How the wound would get ok?? please help me. Looking forward for a reply.


Penile lesions comes in many forms and shapes. Given the potential for serious disease, you will have to see a doctor as masturbation alone should not cause you to have a sore that is not going away. Painful penile lesions are often sign of a sexually transmitted disease. Conditions that causes painful penile lesions includes Chancroid which is a bacterial infection. In addition, genital herpes can also be very painful. This is a viral infection that is also commonly sexually transmitted. Herpes infection initially form little blisters, but as these bursts, they become ulcerated. Syphilis also can form penile ulcerations, although these tend to be painless. Syphilis is a sexually transmitted bacterial infection that can affect many different parts of the body and can lead to heart disease, spinal cord disease and brain lesions. In addition, penile cancers can form penile ulcerations as well. Any ulcer that may become super infected with a bacteria can also present with pain. All these different diseases require prompt diagnosis and treatment as they have the potential to be fatal, but many are easily curable if diagnosed promptly. In addition, ulcerations of the genital area needs prompt care as they can increase risk of HIV transmission. Thus, you should see a doctor/health care provider urgently so that you can get appropriate treatment.

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