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"I have small bumps on the follicles on my penis. What are they and how can I get rid of them?"

ZocdocAnswersI have small bumps on the follicles on my penis. What are they and how can I get rid of them?


I have lots of small white bumps on the follicles on my penis which are mostly visible when erect. What are they and can I get rid of them?


It is not totally clear from your description what exactly might be going on, which is why I would suggest that you have your primary care doctor take a look at this. Most of these skin condition need to be directed examined by a doctor in order to figure out what the diagnosis might be. One likely possibility is that these are "Fordyce spots," which are simply very prominent glands under the skin. They are very common on the genitals because the skin is so thin, allowing the glands to show through. They are a totally normal finding and don't require any treatment at all. Another possibility would be ingrown hairs, or alternatively infections of the base of the hair shafts ("folliculitis"), which could go along with the fact that you are notice this occurring around the follicles on the penis. Most cases of both of these conditions can be treated with simple skin hygiene, but more severe cases may require antibiotics from your doctor. Finally, ruling out a sexually transmitted infection, especially genital warts, will be something that your doctor will be able to do with the examination. Call and make an appointment to be seen at your earliest convenience.

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