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"I am feeling a sharp pain on side of my head. What could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersI am feeling a sharp pain on side of my head. What could it be?


pain in head hurts when i get up to walk when om sitting its not as bad also suffer with ibs and an underactive thyroid and waiting on an appointment from breast clinic found a lump


Pain in the head, or headache, can have multiple causes, some of which are benign and others more serious, therefore I recommend that you see your doctor or a healthcare professional who can properly evaluate you, provide the appropriate testing if necessary, and treatment. The most common forms of headache are often tension headaches, which often feel like a circumferential band of tightness and pain around the head, usually involving the temples. Tension headaches can be initiated by stress and are often relieved by relaxation, hydration and sometimes tylenol or NSAIDs, if you are not allergic to these medicines. Migraine is another type of headache, and will often present with a prodromal course such as blurry vision or light sensitivity, and can last over 24 hours. Cluster headaches are another type that can present as severe pain sometimes behind the eye that is associated with tearing. It is not uncommon for people to occasionally feel head pain with changes in position, which could be in the setting of a headache. Though very rare, masses in the brain can be associated with pain upon positional change. However, these lesions are often associated with other symptoms as well such as headache in the morning, often with nausea and vomiting. If your headache continues, please see your doctor for evaluation to appropriately ascertain the cause of your symptoms.

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