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"My soon has 4 spots around his mouth, complains of sore tummy and has temp of 39.6 What is wrong with him?"

ZocdocAnswersMy soon has 4 spots around his mouth, complains of sore tummy and has temp of 39.6 What is wrong with him?


My son has been not well for the past 2 weeks. He has spots all round his mouth. High temp between 38.7 - 39.6. doctors today have advised he has a viral infection as they have found spots in his mouth. Slightly worried as he has 4 tiny bloches for past week on his tummy. spots but more like exzema style. With his highest temp yesterday his little feet and hands were freezing. Can anyone shed some light as i think it may be more that viral infection Thanks


So sorry to hear about his prolonged suffering and I recommend that you speak with your doctor about this concern. One of the most common conditions that can cause skin changes on the hands and feet and high temperatures is called hand-foot and mouth disease. It is caused by a virus and can last for a few days which can be quite stressful for parents. Often, the child will not want to eat or drink very much due to the pain of swallowing caused by the blisters inside of the mouth, which are often similar to the lesions on the hands (although they are not necessary for a diagnosis). There will sometimes be other skin changes on other body parts as well. As a parent, it is hard to know when there is something more serious that needs to be addressed, and so it is good to look for any changes that seem to signify that your son is getting worse. For example, if he stops walking, talking, or acting like his normal self, those would be signs that something more serious could be happening, and would be a good reason to speak with his doctor. Also, if he stops urinating or has any other symptoms that seem to get worse or persist. In any case, please ask your doctor about this question.

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