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"How long is it normal for swelling due to balanitis last?"

ZocdocAnswersHow long is it normal for swelling due to balanitis last?


he was seen in er fri nov 8th was given a script for antifungal cream and steroid cream. he was also given a steroid shot at er at about 10:00 pm swelling got worse but hasnt changed since yesterday he can still urinate and hasnt changed any in color


I recommend that you speak with you primary care doctor. Balanitis, as you probably know, is a superficial infection of the skin on the tip of the penis. It is more common in males who are not circumcised. It is also much more common in infants and small boys than it is in adults, although it is not clear from your questions what age the patient is. It sounds like the treatments that you were given may have been appropriate, although often balanitis is treated with an antibiotic cream, not an anti fungal cream, unless it is clearly caused by a fungal or yeast infection. Therefore, if this balanitis is caused by a bacteria and not a fungus, you might not notice that it gets better with just the treatment that you have been prescribed. Again, I recommend that you touch base with your primary care doctor and let them know how things are going. They will be able to tell you whether or not they are satisfied with the resolution of the condition, or whether they think you need to come back in for another evaluation to make sure the condition is not worsening and doesn't need a more aggressive treatment. Good luck!

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