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"Is bleeding after orgasm anything to worry about?"

ZocdocAnswersIs bleeding after orgasm anything to worry about?


I've never had sex and my and boyfriend are always very careful during any intimacy, but today i experienced some light pink discharge and bleeding after orgasm. My period ended 4 days ago, should i be worried?


It's not clear from your question what kinds of sexual behaviors you and your boyfriend engage in, so it's a little hard to know what might be going on. It sounds like you have not had sexual intercourse, but if he has used his fingers to stimulate you to orgasm, the bleeding may be from trauma to the area. It is also possible that he ruptured your hymen and this caused the bleeding. Any bleeding from trauma would likely stop quickly and not return, but the safest would be to have a physician do an exam to make sure there is no significant injury. If he has not used his fingers or any other device, then the bleeding is less likely to be related to your sexual activity and more likely to be organic. Here again there are several possibilities. You could have irritation of the skin due to soaps or other irritants. You could have an infection or a clotting disorder, or you could have abnormal menstrual bleeding. Abnormal menstrual bleeding can be normal in young women who are just getting their periods, but it can also represent conditions of the uterus such as fibroids or infection or inflammation of the cervix. Your doctor can help distinguish between these possibilities by getting more information from you and doing an exam. It can be difficult to go see a doctor with questions like this, but physicians deal with these questions all the time and your primary care physician will be able to address your concerns.

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