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"I am having weight loss. Am I loosing fat or muscle?"

ZocdocAnswersI am having weight loss. Am I loosing fat or muscle?


hello, i have recently had a Fundoplication surgery exactly 2 weeks ago. i started at 161lbs and within 2 weeks i am now 147lbs averaging 1lb/day. I am a huge fitness and gym freak and so I am wondering if this weight loss is mainly muscle or mainly fat. when i was 161lbs I probably had 25lbs i wanted to shave off so im hoping that is what im losing.


I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician to discuss this question. Weight loss that occurs rapidly after surgery is usually a combination of fat and muscle. When people lose weight because of dieting or moderate exercise or a combination of the two, most of the time fat is the primary material that is burned away. Muscle can also be a burned away if the exercise or dieting is excessive. In the case of the surgery, there is the additional factor of inflammation. Inflammation and healing and the subsequent weight loss that occurs because of excess calories burned during that time period is often both fat and muscle. The reason for this is that the body is starving for protein to help heal the wounds and therefore needs to use some muscle if there is not enough protein in the diet. If you are interested in stopping your weight loss at this point, I would probably increase your calorie intake focusing on proteins and not carbohydrates until you've reached your target weight. This process will stop any excess muscle wasting and hopefully burn some fat along the way. If you have further questions about this issue, I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician who can refer you to a nutritionist if needed.

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