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"Is postural kyphosis considered a disability?"

ZocdocAnswersIs postural kyphosis considered a disability?


I have a slight rounding of the back, but have experienced no back pain and am in relatively good shape otherwise. Is kyphosis something that might prevent me from attaining a physically demanding job? Is this a condition that might scare a company away from hiring me?


The degree of variation in kyphosis is such that you will need to speak about this question more fully with your doctor. There are certainly some people who suffer from severe variations of this condition and require multiple interventions (including, at times, surgery to repair the problem). On the other hand, many people will have this condition and will never suffer from any symptoms. Depending on the degree of severity, you could go down either path. Certainly, it is promising that you have not suffered from any recognizable symptoms up to this point. It is also good that you state that you are in relatively good shape otherwise. Obviously, increased weight or other medical problems are more likely to cause back pain or back problems in almost anyone, and this may be increasingly true for someone with an existing abnormality. Speaking with your doctor about your question will be good to both understand your condition and also to determine if any intervention is necessary at this point to prevent future problems. A neurosurgeon or orthopedic surgeon with spine surgery training is likely well qualified to answer your question and make recommendations. Again, please speak with your doctor about this concern.

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