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"My grandma has heart issues, high blood pressure and cancer. What can be done?"

ZocdocAnswersMy grandma has heart issues, high blood pressure and cancer. What can be done?


Please help my grama is 62 she has heart issues for a long time and high blood pressure since forever and her kidneys shut down in 2012 and just earlier this year we found out she has cancer to top it off and before we found that out she use a heart attack while bein in the middle of dialysis and now her legs are swelled and was just in the Er and its not water weight or anything like that but they don't know and say she's in major heart failure oh and plus, just last week her plates dropped from 150 to 83 so please can anyone help. Please help me find out what to do....please.


I am sorry your grandmother is suffering all these medical issues. Given the complexity of her situation, it is not possible to make accurate treatment recommendations with such limited information. I encourage you to discuss her care with her primary care physician, cardiologist, nephrologist, and oncologist. Fluid retention can occur secondary to multiple medical conditions. These include congestive heart failure, renal failure, liver disease, or extremely low protein levels in the blood. Advanced kidney disease is a major risk factor for a heart attack, or myocardial infarction. If your grandmother suffered a heart attack, it is possible her heart muscle cannot pump as well as it could previously. If this is the cases, the water component of her blood may back up in the rest of her body. Inadequate dialysis can also cause fluid retention, and it is possible more fluid needs to be removed at each dialysis session. It is impossible to know the best management in this case without a thorough evaluation by her physicians. A low platelet count can be caused by various types of cancer, nutritional deficiency, critical illness, medication side effects, or destruction of her platelets. Again, she would require full evaluation by a physician as well as several blood tests to determine the specific cause. I cannot tell from your question the type of cancer she has developed. I strongly suggest you seek consultation with an oncologist who specialized in this type of cancer.

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