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"I've swallowed a pen lid. What do should I do about it?"


so i was chewing on a pen lid started coughing and accidently swallowed it now my chest feels likes its on fire


Thank you for your question, and sorry to hear about your problem. You should see a doctor immediately to make sure that you are well and that the lid is not somewhere that it shouldn't be. Foreign bodies can often happen in a manner similar to what you describe.

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The most concerning problem is when they block off the airway and cause changes in your voice, as this can be a sign that you have something lodged in the narrow part of your airway that can then cause immediate loss of the airway. Other problems that can be caused include more distal obstruction of the airway, such as when a foreign body passes through the vocal cords and goes down into the lungs. This can then cause obstruction and keep air from getting where it needs to be, which can then result in subsequent pneumonia and other infections. As the swelling and edema increase, this can make the foreign body harder to remove, and so this sort of problem is a medical emergency. Please go to the emergency room as soon as possible, or call 911 if you have any concerns about being able to breathe. Please speak with a physician.

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