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I have been dealing with low lumbar pain for over 6 years. What does this MRI result mean?

I have been dealing with low lulmbar pain for over 6 years. Now need surgery. Getting more opinions. Dominant well defined T1 and T2 bright signal lesion in the vertebral body 2cm
I'm sorry to hear about your chronic low back pain. As always, you should always consult your orthopaedic or neurosurgical spine surgeon for definitive evaluation and treatment. Certainly, please consult them or even present to the emergency department should your symptoms change for the worse. Without being able to examine you or review your MRI personally, it is difficult for me to definitively comment on what your MRI demonstrates. That said, based on your symptoms and the description of your MRI results, you have an enhancing lesion in one of your vertebral bodies that is about 2cm in diameter. As you may know, your spinal column is made up of stacks of vertebral bodies (puck-shaped bones) that provide the structure and scaffolding housing your spinal cord. When an MRI shows a bright or enhancing lesion, it usually suggests a mass of some sort, whether it be a fluid filled (like a cyst) or solid (like a tumor). Unfortunately, an MRI can't tell you specifically what the mass is, only it's characteristics. I would encourage you to continue seeking opinions regarding this. Certainly, I would advise you to follow up sooner with your spine surgeon, or potentially even present to the emergency department should your symptoms change for the worse.
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