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"Is a cystoscopy painful?"

ZocdocAnswersIs a cystoscopy painful?


My husband is having one of these and we are just wondering...


I suggest that you discuss this in more detail with his urologist. A cystoscopy is a procedure that is performed typically by a urologist in the office. It is a procedure that is designed to examine the urethra and the bladder for any abnormalities. The procedure works by having a very small telescope like catheter is inserted into the penis and worked up towards the bladder. The urologist performing the procedure will usually use a small amount of lubricant that contains the medication lidocaine. Lidocaine helps out by numbing the tip of the penis and also portions of the urethra as the scope is inserted and threaded up towards the bladder. The lidocaine in the lubrication certainly make the procedure more comfortable as the tip of the penis and the urethra will be numb. However, certainly nobody would choose to have a cystoscopy on their day off or for fun. I don't think that your husband will find it particularly uncomfortable, but he won't want to have it again anytime soon by choice. In any case, the procedure is fairly straight forward, quick, and he should not have much pain afterwards. I would suggest for further information about this procedure that you schedule an appointment with his urologist. He or she can go through the details of how they perform the procedure. Good luck.

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