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"Even though I drink plenty and eat plenty, I always feel dizzy and my vision is foggy. Why?"

ZocdocAnswersEven though I drink plenty and eat plenty, I always feel dizzy and my vision is foggy. Why?


Female, not pregnant, adult. Normal weight.


Thanks for your question. This could be one of those difficult problems to treat, and my guess is that you will need to work closely with your doctor to get the answer to this question. The reason is that the symptoms that you are having are symptoms that are not very specific, and could be caused by a wide range of problems. For example, anemia is somewhat common in young females, and can cause some of the symptoms that you are describing. If you have heavy periods and eat a diet that is low in red meat, it is possible that is could be hard for your body to replace the monthly losses, and over time that can lead to reduced energy, dizziness, and other vague changes to your health. Thyroid problems can also contribute to what you are describing, and that is something that is easy to check. Unfortunately, after that there are myriad other explanations for what you are describing, far too many to count or list here. A vision test will be important as well, just to make sure that your eyes are not having problems that need to be fixed. Again, please speak with your doctor, and good luck!

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