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"Small indentation of skin on pubic area that will not heal - what could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersSmall indentation of skin on pubic area that will not heal - what could it be?


I am a 18 year old male and I would say for the past 2 years I have always had this small indentation of skin on my pubic area (right before the shaft of my penis but not on the penis). It started as what I thought was a really bad ingrown hair and after picking at it so much trying to get it to go away I thought it just healed poorly and left a ugly scar. It is a little smaller than a pea. It heals where there is no bleeding (after picking at it) but it is still lower than than the skin surrounding the area. It has never healed back to normal skin it is always dry or scaly on top (that is why I pick at it). It also feels like theres scar tissue built up underneath. I am worried it could be cancer or more specifically basal cell carcinoma. Please let me know and I could also email pictures!


I do agree with you that any poorly healing area of skin like this should be checked out by your doctor. You are exactly right here that what needs to be ruled out would be some form of skin cancer, which include a basal cell carcinoma, as you mention, as well as other types of skin cancer. Although these conditions would all be rare in someone your age, they definitely are the first thing to rule out. If your doctor takes a look and is concerned about the possibility of skin cancer, they will want to do a biopsy of the area. Some primary care doctors can do these biopsies themselves, but others will want to refer you to a dermatologist or a surgeon to have this procedure done. Either way, the biopsy procedure is very straight forward, usually taking less than 15 minutes or so in the office. Basically, the doctor will numb up the area of skin with some anesthetic and then remove the sore (or a part of the sore if the area is large), probably leave a stitch or two in the skin to keep the area from bleeding and to help with healing. Call and make an appointment today.

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