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"What are the complications of scoliosis surgery?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are the complications of scoliosis surgery?


I have scoliosis, it's not even that bad. I recall my doctor saying that I could live a long happy life with it so its not bad at all. I never get back pains(unless standing for a very long time)...etc etc. it's just one side of me is curvier then the other, my hips are different, my buttocks is uneven and I put more of my weight on my right foot(you can't tell looking at me but I can feel it). Wearing clothes is just uncomfortable sometimes. I've been thinking to just go through with the surgery but I heard you loose lots of hair after surgery, It took a long time to grow my hair out. How much will I loose exactly? And my other question is: does your skin move after the surgery? I have these wrist tattoos and I'm scared that after the surgery, one tattoo would be higher or lower than the other. So does your skin move? Thanks.


That is an excellent question and one that is best answered by your primary care doctor or spine surgeon who can obtain your history and physical examination and decide upon whether surgery is right for you and what exactly this will entail. Scoliosis surgery is usually performed using a long midline incision on your back over the area that is to be operated upon. It is not common that you should have any hair on your head clipped prior to this being performed. For this reason, it is unlikely that you should lose much hair after the surgery, and there are no medications that are associated with this surgery that would cause you to lose any hair. With regards to the wrist tattoos that you have, these should also not be affected after the surgery on your back. On the other hand, sometimes people have lower back tattoos that can sometimes be sutured back not in line and so if you have any tattoos in that region, it is possible that this can interfere with your tattoos. This is a big surgery though, and so if you decide to have it done, you should make sure to ask all these questions to the surgeon prior to having this done.

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