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"I have white spots/pimples on my penis, could I have an STD?"

ZocdocAnswersI have white spots/pimples on my penis, could I have an STD?


So , I have white spots all over my glans, but have googled it and saw those are penile papules and are harmless. But recenty i had noticed i have all sorts of white bumps and pimples on my penis. I am 18 years old male, and I have been sexually active. Thanks ahead


You have white spots and pimple like lesions on your penile glands. I recommend speaking with your doctor, who can properly diagnose you. Penile papules are common and could be benign. There are many skin conditions that may look similar to other diseases. White spots and pimples may look like the penile papules that you see on the internet; however, it is important to see your primary care doctor to ensure that it is not anything serious. Since you are sexually active, it makes the situation a little more complicated because skin lesions in the genital area could be a form of sexually transmitted disease. White spots and pimples could be a type of herpes which cause fluid filled skin lesions. Other common sexually transmitted diseases are gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphillis, and HIV. You should make an appointment with your doctor to rule out sexually transmitted disease. They often do not cause any symptoms and some people do not even know that they have it. It is important to also educate yourself about safe sex in order to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. You should always use a condom when engaging in sexual intercourse in addition to oral sex. You should also get tested for diseases routinely while you are sexually active.

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