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"I'm mentally stressed and feeling tired. What is wrong with me?"


please help me... what happened to me... I'm mentally stressed... I'm feeling very tired and my palm sweating I'm taking beta blocker pill prolomet xl50 how to get my energy back???this all went after a headache ...i can concentrate class...what i do???


That is an excellent question and one that is best answered by your primary care doctor or other medical professional, as he or she will best be able to perform a thorough examination and obtain a full history of the symptoms you are having. There are several possibilities for your stress and feelings of tired and here are some of the possibilities for why you are having them, again, it is best that you discuss your specific problems with your doctor as he or she will best be able to figure out the reasons you are having these symptoms. There is a possibility that you may have some depression, as this can lead to some of the feelings that you are having.

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This can lead to exhaustion, headache, and difficulty with concentration. If this is the cause, your doctor may prescribe some form of medication to help with your depression and oftentimes this can be very helpful. If you are on some medications, this can cause some of the symptoms you are having, but this is impossible to know from the history provided. You could have thyroid dysfunction which can cause many of the symptoms that you are describing, this can be found with a simple blood test and treated with medications. Please speak with your doctor.

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