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"I am feeling sharp chest pain and also in back side. Is there something wrong with me?"

ZocdocAnswersI am feeling sharp chest pain and also in back side. Is there something wrong with me?


I have problem in left side chest sharp pain and also in back side. my age is 29 weight is 125 kgs. I take test like ecg, echo, thread mill all are normal but still this problem continues more than 2 years. last three months some problem in breathing also please advice me why this problem comes continues


So sorry to hear about your continued problems, but I am grateful that you have been in consultation with your doctor. First, it is important that you obtain and then maintain a healthy weight. That will be important in helping you to remain healthy and improve any future symptoms. Next, sharp chest pains can come from many different sources, and some of them are serious and require immediate medical attention, such as when a person is having a heart attack. One of the most common problems in the young is costochondritis, or inflammation of the joints of the rib cage. Just like most bones of the body, the rib cage has joints where two bones come together. When these joints are affected by abnormal movements or anything else, inflammation can ensue, resulting in pain any time they shift against each other. The treatment is generally similar to the treatment for other joint conditions, such as non steroidal anti inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) to start. As will all medications, however, it is important to speak with your doctor before you begin a new treatment. Long term treatment with NSAIDs can result in other problems, and should therefore be discussed with a doctor even though some are available over the counter. There are other conditions that can also cause sharp rib pains, so please speak to a doctor.

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