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"Why would a 48 year old male get a flush feeling in his head and upper chest and shoulder area?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy would a 48 year old male get a flush feeling in his head and upper chest and shoulder area?


Sometimes it is there 24/7 sometimes just a few hours or minutes. When I have this feeling I also feel like I have no desire to do anything. Low energy level I guess. It was going on quite frequently last fall and winter. It seemed to go away for a while and now it is happening again. I live in Arizona so we do not have drastic temperature changes though we do have low levels of humidity. I have had all the medical tests run on me and the doctors says they cannot find anything wrong. They said they ran every test possible but don't ask what tests those are because I have no idea. They took blood and urine samples and ran whatever tests there are. I was thinking of a chemical imbalance or last time I was very active in riding bikes and thought it was just the high metabolism kicking in. I am not as active at the moment but it is still happening.


This can be a hard question to answer if you have already had exhaustive testing. It is obviously especially difficult to provide answers without the results of those tests, so it is important to keep discussing this with the doctor. Instead, we will have to focus on broad generalities that you can then discuss with your doctor or seek a referral to a specialist at a tertiary care facility as needed. When a person describes feeling flushed, there can be several different reasons. Heart problems, as well as some common vascular issues could be possible explanations for some people, as the blood flow in this area is obviously being affected. Another thought would be something to do with your nervous system that is contributing. The fact that you describe this happening once after strenuous activity suggests that a vagal response could possibly explain your symptoms. The vagus nerve is a very important nerve in regulating the heart, digestion, and multiple other body parts. It is also the nerve that is often involved when people faint from being scared or excited. It is common for an increased vagal tone to occur in situations of stress, and this can cause people to feel flushed or even pass out. Please keep discussing this with your doctor.

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