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"What's the problem with my knees?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat's the problem with my knees?


Hi am looking some advice about my knee injury and what you think the problem is. Febuary 2010 i was out on my mountain bike i was going down hill at a go speed of 40 to 45mph and hit an electric pole and went head firstver handle bars and took a direct blow to my knees a? And ever since then i cant run for no longer than 2mins are cycle for a mile are walk proper. both of my knee caps are loose i can move them from side to side and up and down they thought they were dislpcated but they didnt go back into place then thet done a mri scan every thing came back normal and they said it most be just weakness. And ive had a year and a half of phisio therapy and still cant do anything what should i do wat the problem?


I am sorry to hear about your injury and the difficulties you have had since then. In order to determine the specific cause of your issues, a doctor would need to collect a full medical history and perform a detailed physical exam. In addition, the doctor would need to review your prior imaging studies. Only then will it be possible to make recommendations regarding treatment options. Therefore, I encourage you to schedule an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon to discuss your concerns. The knee is a complex joint that depends on the health of multiple structures for normal function. You mention some laxity of your kneecaps. Knee cap, or patellar, dislocation is a common problem that can frequently recur. Therapy typically consists of exercises to strengthen the quadriceps muscle and hold the patellar in place. Although you have completed a long course of physical therapy, the doctor may need to review the details of your therapy to determine if you have completed exercises targeted toward these muscles. In some cases, patients may require surgery. Some patients can develop patellofemoral pain syndrome, although this also typically responds to physical therapy. As part of your evaluation, it will be important to ensure an experienced joint radiologist reviews your MRI. Therefore, I encourage you to discuss these concerns with an orthopedic surgeon.

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