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"What can my wife do about back pain?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat can my wife do about back pain?


My wife has lower back pain for 2 years since she got pregnant and after giving birth. Mri shows nothing. Xray shows nothing. Doc says 6 week bed rest. Thats impossible with a two year old that has to be cared for. Doc does not recommend physical therapy. What am I to do?


This is a difficult question. I am interested in knowing more about this situation, as bed rest is an interesting answer for many causes of back pain. While I am glad that you have a normal MRI and x-ray, it is important to help your wife return to being well sooner rather than later. For many people in this situation, physical therapy can help. However, your doctor may have some reason that I don't know about to recommend against physical therapy, and so discussing it with him or her can be helpful. Additionally, there are physicians who treat this sort of problem on a regular basis and may be able to offer some help that you have not been able to get thus far. Speaking with either a neurosurgeon or orthopedic surgeon who specializes in back pain (a spine doctor) may offer some additional suggestions, although a neurologist or physiatrist may also be able to help given that the imaging shows no anatomic abnormality. Please discuss all of these questions with your doctor. If he is giving you a solution that is not an option for you, then you will need to explain that. Please speak with your doctor.

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