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"What is wrong with my jaw?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is wrong with my jaw?


I was playing basketball when I stood over a girl ready to shoot. When she jumpped up to shoot, her head hit the bottom of my jaw. This sent exremre pain through my whole mandibal. The rest of the night I could talk, touch, or hardly open my mouth. The next morning I could barley talk but it hurt very badly and I could not chew and I eventually could open my mouth about 2 1/2 inches or less. What's wrong with my jaw?


Thanks for your question. The first concern that comes to mind in this sort of situation is making sure that your jaw is not broken. This is one possible explanation for severe and persistent pain following a painful trauma such as you have experienced recently. Fortunately, if your mandible is broken, there are excellent treatments available, and it is something that is quite simple to diagnose with some imaging and a quick examination. Your doctor or even your dentist will be able to help you with this, and then will be able to refer you to someone who is able to help you fix the problem. The correction may require surgery if it is a broken jaw, but the risks of an untreated fracture are severe and should not be ignored. Other types of injury can also happen, such as inflammation or injury to some of the joints of the jaw such as the TMJ. This sort of injury usually will not require surgery, and improves quickly with simple therapies such as a soft diet, over the counter anti-inflammatory medications, and sometimes things such as a mouth guard. As above, this should be something you discuss with your doctor. Please speak with your doctor.

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