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"Ultrasound of amniotic fluid at 20 weeks, is something wrong?"


Also they said babies bladder appears small , follow up ultrasound next week . Very scared more medical information would be great


Sorry to hear about your level of concern. This is a very stress filled time, even when things are going right. When there are questions, they can seem to take over your entire life.

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Based on the question that you have provided, there is really only a small amount of information that we know: the baby is small for gestational age. This can be due to a number of different factors. Some of the most common include maternal smoking, maternal malnutrition, or other health problems of the mother. If you have any difficulties or concerns with any of these, work with your doctor to make sure that you are as healthy as you can be. It is important both for you and your baby. Now, it is also important to point out that there is another ultrasound scheduled for next week. This could be a sign that your doctor feels that it is important to gather more information. This is likely an appropriate step to make sure that things are progressing as they should. He or she likely will want to have a clear picture of what is causing the changes suggested by the last ultrasound. Good luck with all of this, and please speak with your doctor for more clarification.

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