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"My infant has RSV and constant lung failure, what are some treatment options?"

ZocdocAnswersMy infant has RSV and constant lung failure, what are some treatment options?


My child has what most dr's call RSV but today almost died at the dr office due to low oxygen levels, her lungs feel up with fluid almost every hr and has a hard time breathing. She on a breathing machine at the moment and have no answers for the past few months, is there treatment for my child besides suctioning?


So sorry to hear about this challenging and difficult situation. I recommend discussing it with her doctor. Hopefully she has started to have some improvements already since you wrote this question. There are many extra details that are needed to help understand why your daughter is having such a hard time breathing by herself. There are some infections that can be quite serious, and sometimes require aggressive intervention such as breathing machines in order to help her breathe better. In some situations, surgeries such as moving the breathing tube to her neck may be appropriate to help her breathing as well, especially if your doctors are concerned that she may require a prolonged period on a breathing machine (ventilator). While this is not a pleasant thought, it can be something that helps her to breathe better because the lungs can be suctioned easier, and it can also help to prevent pneumonia in some cases. It is not appropriate for everyone, but in some patients it can make a positive difference. In many cases, it can also be reversed later, allowing her to breathe normally. Obviously, this and any other interventions should be discussed carefully with her doctor to make sure she is getting the best care for her. Please speak with your doctor.

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