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7 years ago I had a hernia repair done, all of a sudden it feels like cold running water in the area. Is it ok to wait to see a doctor?

all of a sudden it feels like cold running water in the area , I have a Dr appt for Monday but wanted to see if you think it is ok to wait the 5 days to see someone about it?
Thank you very much for your question. Depending on the type of hernia repair you had, you may be experiencing a recurrence of your hernia. Often times a recurrence presents with a new lump that develops in the area of abdominal wall weakness (this includes the groin). Sometimes, nerve involvement within the area of the hernia repair can create different sensations for different patients. When abdominal contents get stuck within a hernia, it is known as an incarcerated hernia. The danger of an incarcerated hernia is that the stuck contents can lose their blood supply and die. This is a medical emergency known as strangulated hernia that requires emergency surgery. It is not possible to receive a diagnosis without being evaluated by a physician or other qualified health professional. If you are concerned, I suggest that you make an appointment with your surgeon, or if your surgeon is unavailable, with your primary care physician or local health care center to undergo an evaluation. They will be better equipped to ask specific questions related to your condition and perform a physical exam to help provide you with a diagnosis and potential management strategies.
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