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"What could be the cause of my ear smelling like dead fish?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat could be the cause of my ear smelling like dead fish?


I've always had problems with my ear...when i had my youngest child my ear started bleeding and they told me it was from the pushing..well now for about the last 6 months or so my ear has been draing this brown looking stuff and it has a bad bad oder to it. i also have a history of passing out and hitting my head on stuff..what could this be?


Sorry to hear about your problem, and hope that we can help. This is a very interesting question that will require the assistance of someone trained to manage ear problems. The best possibility would be a neuro- otologist, who has completed a 5 or 6 year training program managing problems of the ears, head and neck and then has trained for at least 2 additional years specializing in only the ears. This person would obviously be well situated to help you with this question. The implication that you have had long standing problems that may or may not be related to passing out is something that may indicate chronic pathology of the ear, and would be well fitted to the unique skill set of an otologist. As otologists are sometimes difficult to find and are not necessary for most problems, an otolaryngology-head and neck surgeon (AKA ENT surgeon) would also be able to help you and make recommendations as appropriate. For most ear problems, the 5 or 6 years of training are sufficient, and he or she would be able to refer you as needed to an otologist. Please speak with your doctor to determine how to best manage your problem.

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