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"I've been peeing frequently for a month. It is not a UTI, diabetes or pregnancy. What could it be?"


I had a bladder infection over a month ago and it went away after antibiotics and now I have had this problem ever since


Thank you for your question regarding your frequent urination over the last month. First, it is important that you discuss this symptoms with your doctor. As you have already mentioned, some of the common conditions that come to mind with frequent urination in females can lead to a work up for a urinary tract infection or diabetes.

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With UTIs, there is usually pain with urination, pressure in the lower abdomen, feeling of incomplete voiding, and a strange smell to the urine. Diabetes can be accompanied by symptoms such as increase in thirst and hunger, in addition to more frequent urination. Have there been any changes to your diet or medications? Caffeinated beverages or new medications can sometimes be the culprit for an increase in urination. For example, diuretics used to treat high blood pressure or fluid build up can cause you to urinate more frequently. Otherwise, there are other conditions that may be need to considered. Overactive bladder causes the bladder to spasm involuntarily and the feeling of urgency to urinate. Interstitial cystitis is another condition causing inflammation of the bladder that may present itself with symptoms similar to a urinary tract infection. If this symptom continues to persist, please see your urologist who can better identify the source of the increased urination.

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