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"Is breastfeeding safe for pregnancy?"

ZocdocAnswersIs breastfeeding safe for pregnancy?


I am almost 1 month now giving birth CS and we had intercourse but I am a breastfeed mother and sometimes when my baby sleep and my breast is producing milk i pump it and put in in a bottle and let it drink once my baby awake. but during evening I make sure all is breastfeed. Am I safe to get pregnant? please reply


It seems that you are asking if it is safe to get pregnant shortly after delivering a baby through a c section delivery. There are multiple other sub questions implied in your question, which we will also address. First, when a woman is breast feeding it does give some protection against becoming pregnant. The more a woman is breast feeding, the more pronounced the protection. Despite this fact, it is possible to become pregnant when you are breast feeding, and so most doctors will recommend using another form of contraception as well if you are trying to avoid pregnancy. With regards to whether or not it is safe to become pregnant so shortly after having a surgical delivery, this is a question that will need to be addressed with your doctor. This is because there are a number of factors that go into this, including the extent of surgery and the concerns that your doctor may have in that regard. It is important to make sure you are healed appropriately, and only your doctor who worked with you the first time can help you to know that question for sure. In short, it is possible to get pregnant while breast feeding, so please speak with your doctor.

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