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"my child has had her ears pierced for 10 months but they still bleed when we put in earrings"

ZocdocAnswersmy child has had her ears pierced for 10 months but they still bleed when we put in earrings


Bleeding ears from pierced ears 10 months later


So sorry to hear about this problem and I recommend speaking with your doctor about it. Most often, this sort of thing is something that will go away with time, but needs to be very carefully treated to prevent a more serious infection. The soft part of the ears, the lobule, is usually quite healthy and responds well to piercing. In some cases, it can become infected and need treatment to help the ear heal fully. In some cases, people are allergic to the earrings themselves, which can cause chronic problems. Careful cleaning and perhaps the liberal use of rubbing alcohol to clean the site are an important part of caring for piercings early on. It is also important to change the earrings regularly to prevent infection from setting in. If you have done all of these questions, then it is important to speak with a doctor to make sure that there is not a more serious explanation for this problem. In rare cases, system antibiotics are necessary, although topical creams and ointments are fortunately more frequently used. An ear nose and throat surgeon will likely be able to help you well with this question, so please speak with your doctor about your daughter's ears.

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