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"Do I have hypothyroidism?"

ZocdocAnswersDo I have hypothyroidism?


I am 26 yo female with facial chicken skin, I.e every single pore on my face is plugged with harden sebum regardless of my daily extraction, yellow skin tone, inability to lose weight, low basal temperature (95-96F), cold and feet, hair loss, yet my TSH 1.68 ("normal" range 0.35-3.74), FT4 1.25 ("normal" 0.58-1.64) look "fine" and my doctor refused to do anything. I am also vitamin D deficiency (27 ng/ml, range 50-100). I am taking vit D 10,000iu/weekly. Liver has been checked and enzymes seem low, not elevated (ALP 47, normal 50-100; AST 17, normal 15-37; ALT 25, normal 12-78; Albumin 4.7, normal 3.5-5). May I have some advice as per which additional test I should take, and/or what possible cause for my less than optimal well being? Thank you and God bless.


Judging from the laboratory values you have provided, it does not appear that you have any issues with your thyroid gland function or your liver function. However, it is important to speak with your doctor. You are vitamin D deficient, which is common among people that live in northern states and don't get a lot of sun in the winter time. You are taking vitamin D supplements which will help the vitamin D symptoms. It is quite common for people to present to their doctor with symptoms that look like hypothyroidism. This is because symptoms such as fatigue, difficulty losing weight, cold feet and hands are very common and sometimes don't represent any specific disease. Thus, with your symptoms, it was very reasonable to get the thyroid function tests and liver tests. Your doctor might consider also getting a morning cortisol level which can help rule out the condition adrenal insufficiency as a cause of your symptoms. Your doctor might also prescribe you an exercise program which will help significantly with the fatigue and the issues with weight. Hypothyroidism is common, so your doctor will likely want to monitor your thyroid function every year or every other year. Your primary care physician is the best doctor for you see about these symptoms. If an abnormality is found on your cortisol testing, then you could be referred to an endocrinologist.

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