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"I have bumps on my labia, what could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersI have bumps on my labia, what could it be?


I have recurrent bumps on my labia. I have had them for a while now and I think they are cysts or blocked glands, but am not sure. I have been tested and am clean (also had a baby a little while back and everything looked good). They will come and go, usually hard bumps under skin. Some times they need to be drained (like a cyst) and what comes out looks like what comes out of cysts. They then go away, usually a day after. Sitz baths help them. Could they be exacerbated by post partum hormones? I have been having a lot more of them since I had my baby. I also have fordyce spots, not sure if that is relevant. I just want to know what they are! They bug me to no end! Could this be something bad?


There are many varieties of cysts that can occur on the labia which can cause bumps that then drain. It is important to speak with a physician about your concern. These can occur on the labia majora and on the vulva as well, and appear as small bumps that can spontaneously drain. If they get infected they can become red and painful. You can develop small cysts or infections around the hair follicles that can also drain - this is more common if you shave or wax and develop in grown hairs. You may also be having a combination of cysts in addition to other conditions that cause bumps on the labia. Fordyce spots, as you mention, are one option, and it could be this is just further development of your known condition. You can develop tiny blood vessels called angiokeratomas that can harden or darken, and are more common after pregnancy. Genital warts are also a possibility - it sounds like you have been tested, so less likely, but it would be worth seeing a physician to have them take a look at the bumps and help decide which of these possibilities is most likely. In general, with these kinds of questions it is always best to have a physician take a look - you may be due for your pap smear in any case, and physicians are very used to dealing with these kinds of questions and can best answer whether these bumps represent an infection or harmless cysts.

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