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"My sister has flat head syndrome, is it serious?"

ZocdocAnswersMy sister has flat head syndrome, is it serious?


she is 11, is it serious?


Thanks for your question. Flat head syndrome is the non-medical name that is given to a number of different disorders that result in the back of the head being flat. Most of these are benign conditions with no obvious long term outcomes other than the shape of the head itself. While there are interventions that can be done, these require very early intervention, usually before or at about 1 year of age. Now that your sister is 11, further intervention to round out the back of her head could likely be quite involved, and would very rarely be worth it. Your doctor will be able to answer these questions more specifically and make appropriate referrals, but this is likely something that should not have any effects on her through the rest of her life. It has become quite common in the US, where the "back to sleep" campaign (designed to decrease the number of sudden infant deaths) has resulted in more children being placed on their backs. Early on, there are multiple things that can be done to help, but as the skull hardens it becomes more difficult. Please speak with your doctor for more information and appropriate diagnosis and treatment options.

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