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"What is this odd sensation in my head?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is this odd sensation in my head?


I've been having this odd headache for 3-4 days straight now. It's not painful, but it feels as if there is some very light pressure on the back/right side of my head. It's just enough to be annoying. The pressure will sometimes move to other parts of my head, but it always returns to the back/right side. Just a moment ago, I had this very odd, sudden and short tingling/pinching sensation go from the top of my head to my neck. It lasted maybe 1-2 seconds. It wasn't painful but it was worrisome to me. It was near the right side of my head where the pressure was at. Oddly enough, the pressure feels like it has lessened since this weird spike happened. I think I may have a tension headache, but I don't know how that explains that weird spike I just had.


Hard to say what exactly is causing your symptoms without some additional information. Have you ever had headaches before? Have you had any recent changes to your medical history? Any other problems? Your doctor will be in the best position to answer this, as he or she will be able to put all of your new symptoms in context and determine if there is anything concerning about them. While headaches are quite common and usually not related to anything life threatening, there are some conditions in which headaches can be the first or even the only sign of something more serious. Tension headaches are one of the more common types of headache, and are often described as a band like squeezing around the head. They can sometimes happen more often during times of stress, but are different for everyone. Pain that radiates down one side of the body like a jolt of energy can sometimes come from a nerve or from something near a nerve. This sort of pain is often reproducible, ie, the same action can reproduce the same sensation, which may indicate a static problem that needs further investigation. Again, please speak with your doctor about this question.

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