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"Are antispasmodic drugs and stitching on the neck of the uterus made in USA?"

ZocdocAnswersAre antispasmodic drugs and stitching on the neck of the uterus made in USA?


Just miscarried baby and want to know if we could prevent it.


Thanks for your question, and I am sorry for your loss. The shortest answer is that it depends on the type of material that is used, as there are usually domestic options and also some that are manufactured internationally. Your doctor will likely have more insight into this matter. The type of material and medications that are used will usually vary by surgeon and by hospital system, but it is standard practice at most locations in the US to use only those materials and medications that will provide optimal outcomes. Before a hospital system can start using a new product, there is a large body of stakeholders that must agree with the decision to use a new product, whether that be more or less expensive. With regards to individual materials, doctors may have even more latitude in cases in which they are performing procedures unique to their specialty. With regards to your specific situation, it would be hard to know whether or not any of the materials or medications contributed in any way to the unfortunate miscarriage. Again, your doctor will likely have more insight into this matter, and could help you to know what can be done to help should you decide to become pregnant again. This is a very difficult time. Please speak with your doctor.

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