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"I have two lumps on the left side of my neck, a rather horrible cold and a bad throat sore. What is wrong with me?"

ZocdocAnswersI have two lumps on the left side of my neck, a rather horrible cold and a bad throat sore. What is wrong with me?


i have a temperature, at time I'm burning up other times I'm freezing. My sore throat is causing me to be in a constant need of liquid.


So sorry to hear about this problem. In these sorts of situation, it is important to have more information so that we can recommend appropriate treatment. Your doctor will likely be able to gather this information and treat you as needed. In many cases, the symptoms that you are describing are infectious in nature, meaning that there may be some therapy that can be initiated to help you feel better. Sore throat infections caused by some bacteria can be readily treated with antibiotics, although the majority of these instances are viral in nature, in which case antibiotics would not usually be appropriate. Many of your symptoms seem to indicate an infection, although there are many other possibilities. For example, lumps in your neck can come from sources other than lymph nodes swelling in response to something near by, but they are most often due to lymph nodes. If these lumps do not resolve quickly as you begin to feel better, they may need further investigation to make sure that you are well. Speaking with your doctor will provide additional context and get you on the road to feeling better. Please speak with your doctor about this question.

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