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"I had a hysterectomy in feb of 2010. They removed everything except for my cervix. Is there something I should be concerned about?"

ZocdocAnswersI had a hysterectomy in feb of 2010. They removed everything except for my cervix. Is there something I should be concerned about?


Over the years I have had sharp pains, period like pain and nausea. 9 weeks ago I became very nauseous, developed severe lower abdominal pain and noticed blood when wiping after urination. I went to the urgent care and they diagnosed me with a severe UTI. I followed up with my GP and she referred me to a urologist. The urologist did tests and referred me to an ob/gyn. I went to the gynecologist and they discovered at least 2 sutchers at the top of my vagina which was where the bleeding was coming from, skin looked abnormal from the rest of the vagina, was very swollen. They took biopsies and a pap smear. They also burned the area to try and stop the bleeding. I had been told that there were dissolvable sutchers left in. I now have to wait for the tests taken from the ob/gyn. My question is should these non-dissolvable sutchers have been left in or was this an error on the surgeons part and can this cause cancer?


If you are concerned about the sutures from your prior surgery, I recommend that you see your surgeon who performed the surgery or another gynecologist or healthcare provider for a formal evaluation. Vaginal bleeding can have multiple causes, some benign, and others more concerning. Based on your text, it appears that you have been seen by a gynecologist who took samples from you cervix. Bleeding from the cervix may be related to your surgery, though this is uncommon after multiple years have passed. Other causes including sexually transmitted diseases that can lead to cervicitis. These include chlamydia and gonorrhea. Additionally, human papilloma virus (HPV) infection increases the risk of abnormal cervical growth and cancers. Cervical dysplasias and cervical cancer can cause bleeding, and therefore bleeding should be thoroughly worked up by a physician to rule out life-threatening causes. Regarding sutures, most dissolvable forms of suture will decompose within weeks to months. If is unlikely for a dissolvable suture to be present after multiple years. However, the presence of a non-dissolved suture may cause location irritation, but it is not associated with the development of cancer in the local vicinity. I recommend follow up on the tests and seeing your doctor again in order to reach a diagnosis.

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