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"How to get pain care with no insurance?"

ZocdocAnswersHow to get pain care with no insurance?


Cant afford to start over from square one w a new doc. have a wedge fracture in T11 and pain so bad all over that's its very tough doing any daily activities. It's hard just to get out of bed in the morning. Im new to the austin area and dont know where to turn.. Please help!


It sounds to me that you have quite a significant reason to have pain. A fracture of your vertebrae is a very painful process and requires professional medical care. There is really nothing you can do other than paying out-of-pocket to see a pain management physician if you have no insurance. With the recent passage of the affordable care act, it is now mandated that you must have insurance of some type. Thus, I imagine that you will obtain insurance in some way shortly and be able to see a physician. The type of physician that you will want to see depends on the amount of pain you are having and the type of pain. I would probably start by scheduling an appointment with a general doctor such as a primary care physician. It might be that simple physical therapy and exercise in combination with some pain medication might allow you to become more comfortable and continue the healing process. If this is not satisfactory, then referral to a physiatrist or an anesthesiologist that specializes in pain may be helpful for procedural based pain interventions. I do not think the addition of an orthopedic surgeon would be helpful to you at this time.

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