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"Can we have sex before the week is up as long as we use protection?"

ZocdocAnswersCan we have sex before the week is up as long as we use protection?


I contracted chlamydia and gave it to my partner. We both took the medicine about 4 days ago.


It is important that you discuss this with your primary care doctor. Sexually transmitted diseases are very common. Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted bacterial infection. It can be transmitted through unprotected annal, oral, or vaginal sexual intercourse. Chlamydia infection can cause a variety of complications, particularly in females. Infection can cause lead to cervicitis, which is an inflammation of the cervix, leading to vaginal discharge, pain and burning. In addition, it can cause more severe infection such as tubal ovarian abscess which is a surgical emergency and need prompt medical attention. In addition, chlamydia infection when contracted during pregnancy can be transmitted to the fetus leading to complications such as blindness. It can also lead to infertility on affected females. Thus, treatment is very important. It is treated with antibiotics, either with a single dose or a 7 day course. Both sexual partners need to be treated. While in treatment, the couple needs to wait a week before sexual intercourse, even if using condoms. This is to guarantee cure and prevent transmission between partners. Given this infection recurs frequently, even with proper treatment, it is recommended that the couple gets retested 3 months post treatment. This step is very important, as the infection commonly can be asymptomatic particularly in man. Thus, the affected couple needs to see their primary care doctor once treatment is finished to guarantee a complete cure.

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