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"I have pain in my upper inside left arm. Should I go to the ER?"

ZocdocAnswersI have pain in my upper inside left arm. Should I go to the ER?


The back side of my left arm is slightly tingly and I have a pinch like feeling in my armpit. I've had these symptoms for 2 days now and I'm wondering what it could be and if I should go to the ER.


I am sorry to hear about your symptoms. It is not possible to accurately make a diagnosis without reviewing your entire medical history and performing a thorough physical exam. If these symptoms have persisted and are concerning to you, I recommend you schedule an appointment with a primary care physician. After evaluating you, this provider can determine the next best step in management. The nerves that control your arm muscles exit your spinal cord in the neck and travel to the various muscles. Problems with your neck, such as a herniated cervical disc, can compress the roots of these nerves and cause pain and numbness in your arm. You can also suffer an injury to the nerve anywhere else along its route. You may have suffered a strain to one of the muscles in this area. Possibilities include your triceps, pectoralis major, or serratus muscles. This could also be pain radiating from your shoulder. Possibilities include a torn rotator cuff, which is a series of four muscle that control your shoulder. You may have also suffered an injury to the labrum, or cartilage lining the shoulder joint. It is not possible to provide a more accurate assessment without an in-person evaluation, so I recommend you schedule an appointment with a primary care doctor.

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