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"How can I get rid of eye bags?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can I get rid of eye bags?


I have had eye bags for almost 4 years now, i really need a solution to get rid of them ASAP! Please help


Thanks for your question. While there are many over the counter remedies that claim to offer help for this sort of problem, it is common for those with bags underneath their eyes to consider some sort of surgical correction, so I recommend that you discuss this question with your doctor. This will depend in large part on your age and a number of other factors, but at some point in the aging process it is common for increased laxity around the eyes to contribute to the appearance of bags under the eyes. In some cases, the muscle that normally lines the part under the eye can thin and allow small amounts of fat to creep through, creating the appearance of permanent bags under the eyes. This is the sort of thing that will not usually improve with over the counter therapies, and even more aggressive treatments such as skin peels and other therapies available from dermatologists and others. In these cases, removing excess skin and adjusting the volume of the midface in an appropriate fashion can improve the aesthetic outcome greatly, and can improve the problem that you seem to be describing. Of course there are other considerations and problems as well, so please speak with your doctor about this question.

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