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"Is it Herpes or Vulvodynia ?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it Herpes or Vulvodynia ?


Okay about a month ago i had sex with a guy ive been with for a year w/out a condom also we did oral. lately my vagina area has been cramping so bad a little tingling as well, it WONT go away. The thing is it doesn't burn when i pee & now my right thigh is starting to get sore as if the cramp from my vagina area is moving down. Im in so much pain im terrified i have herpes im to young & scared to death.


It is difficult for me to tell you exactly why you are having these symptoms, so it is important for you to be evaluated by a physician. Vulvodynia is a condition where women experience pain in and around the vagina that is significantly exacerbated by sexual intercourse. It is a condition that usually does not come on all of a sudden. If you have never had pain with sex, then it is unlikely that this is due to vulvodynia as this is a condition that usually starts off as minor pain in the progresses. The only way to diagnose this condition is to rule out other causes of pain in the area. A physician will often diagnose it if during the exam there is significant pain with insertion of the speculum. The herpes infection is also possible as well and supported by the fact that you describe a tingling sensation in the area which is very typical of a herpes infection. Herpes infections don't necessarily cause burning with urination and thus the fact that you aren't experiencing that does not rule out a herpes infection. The best way for you to sort this out is to schedule an appointment with an OB/GYN. He or she will perform an exam and probably rule out vulvodynia as a potential cause. After that, if there are no abnormalities found in the area, your doctor might order a blood test for herpes.

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