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"What's wrong and how will I get protein?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat's wrong and how will I get protein?


I can't stomach any food ive been diagnosed by my doctor with gastroenteritis . I can'teat nnothing I be tried even soup and I throw it up I'm on a liquid diet .. Gatorade and water and I eat a twix to get rid of sick taste in throat sometimes .. I want to start working out but how can I work out when I'm not taking in any protein and why can't I stomach food.. I'm 18yrs old I'm not pregnant . Iwant to start eating healthy but iI can even eat so what protein that I can take in so I can workout and not get dehydrated or anything


That is an excellent question and one that is best answered by your primary care doctor or another medical professional who has evaluated you and taken a history and physical examination. Based upon your history, it is impossible to know what the cause of your gastritis was or how long it has been going on for. Usually, this is a short term issue which will improve with time and so keeping yourself well hydrated while this gets better is very important as dehydration can become a very serious issue when you are not able to keep down food or drink. Aside from this issue, as you mentioned you are healthy and so your body will likely be able to handle not taking in a good amount of protein for a short period of time. If this continues to worsen or your appetite doesn't improve within a few days, make sure to see your doctor as this may be related to something more serious than gastroenteritis and you may require further diagnostic testing to find out the cause of this. If available, therapeutic options may be available, and depending on the cause, may require invasive tests and procedures to improve your condition.

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